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With a population of more than 200,000 inhabitants, the city of Wellington stands on the southern coastline of New Zealand's North Island. Home to the bustling port of Lambton Harbour, Wellington is a busy city, with the heart of life centred around the harbour's southern edge.

Wellington Orientation: Layout and Directions

On the south side of Wellington you will find Cuba Street, which hosts a number of notable seasonal festivals, with the popular Fringe Festival being amongst the most popular. Nearby, Courtenay Place is a particularly lively part of Wellington, being full of coffee shops, restaurants and nightclubs. On the northwestern side of central Wellington stands the acclaimed Golden Mile, the city's premier shopping district, which contains a number of large department stores and shopping centres, together with a good selection of places to eat.

The waterfront area of the city stands slightly to the north of central Wellington and stretches from Queen's Wharf and the Oriental Parade, containing many superb attractions along the way, including the Wellington Maritime Museum. Standing on the northern side of Queen's Wharf, the Thorndon district of Wellington is amongst the city's most historic areas, characterized by its old architecture and stylish buildings.

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Orientation and Map of Wellington

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